Roots and Shoots

Touchstone Bradford has been working in partnership with ‘The Feast’ to deliver an intergenerational, interfaith project called ‘Roots & Shoots’, which has enabled women and girls’ from different backgrounds in Bradford to come together to share and discuss ideas around their identity; faith, culture and being female and what this means to us, across generations.

In November 2017, we put on a film and food night, with discussion of the film ‘The Eagle Huntress’ marking Interfaith week, which provided a platform for dialogue about dreams and aspirations, across the ages and ethnicities of participants. All participants had the opportunity to share what they felt some of the barriers to achieving one’s own goals are. In March 2018, we did another encounter, marking International Women’s Month, based on ‘Self-Care’, where we made homemade beauty masks and discussed traditional beauty therapy recipes passed through our families at special occasions, like weddings. We also discussed the Prophetic medicines and the wisdom behind their use, like honey, black seed oil and others, too. There have been exchanges of understanding between young people and adults, which has enabled a better understanding of the kinds of challenges and the nature of the lived reality by either age group.

Our next encounter will be taking part in an event to mark 100 years of Women’s Suffrage, including making hats and banners ready for a ‘Hats Off, March Together’ rally on Shipley Glen in May.

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