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Light in CommunitiesOur ‘Light in Communities’ project consists of groups of women from different faiths coming together to discuss the theme of ‘Light’ whilst engaging in creative and practical activities. Our discussions have included questions such as ‘Who or what brings light to our lives?’,‘Who are the shining examples in our communities and faith traditions?’ and ‘How does my faith help me find a light through dark times?’, whilst activities have included painting glass candle holders, making candles, and making and decorating stained glass windows.

Having got to know each other through participating in discussion and creative activities, each group has then considered practical ways in which we can be a ‘light’ in our community. So far, as well as having many interesting discussions about the theme of ‘light’ in our faiths, different groups have handed out sweets and inspirational quotes to strangers in a random act of kindness; baked cakes for a community group that supports the elderly, served food to the homeless in Bradford city centre, and painted stones with inspirational messages which we have left around our community.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes by national and international events, and by the apparent ‘darkness’, but our Light in Communities groups shine a real light, as we remember and actively demonstrate that  “no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted”, and that even the tiniest amount of light can make a huge difference.

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