What is Touchstone?

Touchstone buildingTouchstone is a listening and welcoming community, enabling safe spaces for honest and creative dialogue. Touchstone works alongside people of many different faiths and gives opportunities to share communality and differences. Touchstone works particularly with women and in creative ways to talk about life and faith.

How it all began

Touchstone is a Methodist initiative which started in the 1980’s following the closure of a large city centre Methodist church, the Eastbrook Hall. Inspired people decided to keep a city centre presence by buying two terraced houses opposite Bradford University. One of  these houses is Touchstone and the other the home of the Methodist Minister who is the Team Leader. These houses have been used to enable a Christian presence in the city centre to continue and for interfaith work to flourish.

Touchstone runs a number of significant projects each year and has a Facebook page:

  • Light in Communities: A community project asking what brings light to your life and faith journey
  • Baking a Difference: a chance to talk about the place of bread in various faith traditions - and to bake some yummy meals!
  • Weaving Women’s Wisdom: a creative rug making project and touring exhibition
  • Women Breaking Free: a counselling and retreat project for Women to talk about their journey to break free from childhood abuse
  • Roots and Shoots group: working in partnership with The Feast, Touchstone is offering an intergenerational opportunity for women of all ages
  • Extraordinary Drawers: a photographic exhibition which uses the hidden worlds inside our drawers to peek into the everyday lives of ordinary people. 

Links with Pakistan

Through Touchstone the Yorkshire West Methodist District is partnered with the Multan Diocese of the Church of Pakistan.


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4 Easby Road, Bradford, BD7 1QX
Mail: admin@touchstone-bradford.org.uk
Phone: 01274 721626

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