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Touchstone is a faith-based project in the heart of Bradford city centre.  We are committed to providing transformational listening opportunities for individuals and groups.  In doing so, we seek to increase mutual understanding, strengthen community relationships and nurture healing and reconciliation.

Who we are

Touchstone is part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain/Yorkshire West District and has worked within diverse communities for over 25 years. We work with people of all faiths and beliefs and have a multi-faith team. The project is also supported by donations from Friends of Touchstone, financial partners, local organisations and grant making trusts.


Listening is at the heart of all we do. More than ever before there is a need for people to be truly seen and listened to. 

We believe:

  • Listening to one another increases mutual understanding and is transformative for individuals, communities and society as a whole. 
  • Listening builds trust, mutual support and strengthens community relationships.  When we intentionally listen to one another and our planet, we are reminded of our shared humanity, find a sense of belonging and are more able to work together towards the common good
  • Listening involves learning and loving ourselves more fully through reflective and embodied practices.  It also involves sharing these values and offering the gifts of time and attention to others.  In turn, this helps promote feelings of worth, dignity and confidence and opens wider the pathway to personal and collective healing and reconciliation. 

What we do

We provide a variety of different listening opportunities. We are currently developing our work in the following areas:

  • Creative interfaith dialogue.
  • Counselling, pastoral care and spiritual accompaniment.
  • Contemplative and embodied practices.

For more details please take a look at our current programme.

Who for

We work with people from a variety of different backgrounds, faiths and cultures. We are involved in networks across the city and beyond and partner with local organisations who share our values.  Within the Touchstone centre itself, our specialisms include interfaith dialogue, working with women and trauma-informed therapies.  


Our values grow out of our faith and flow through the different work streams.

Respect: We value and respect each other and celebrate our diversity.
Compassionate: We practice compassion and strive to come alongside people with empathy and kindness.
Humble learners: We realise we don’t have all the answers and are curious and committed to journeying with people in discovering life in all its fullness.
Hope-filled: We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to flourish.  We are committed to helping people find their voice and nurture their hopes and strengths. 
Courageous: We courageously challenge injustice, strive to make a difference and help people become all they are created to be.

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Contact Us


4 Easby Road, Bradford, BD7 1QX
Phone: 01274 442670 (Monday to Friday)
Our usual office hours are 10am to 2pm

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