Resources & Volunteers

Worship & Liturgy

Worship and Liturgy are an integral part of life at Touchstone.

House prayers are every Thursday at 12.45pm. All are invited to join us in the quiet room. The house also maintains silence between 12.45 and 1pm each day.

Touchstone has an open and welcoming attitude to creativity in worship and it is not unusual to find regular prayers and worship at special celebrations utilising balls of wool, pebbles, images and sung chants - and not necessarily in English...

Literary Resources

Touchstone still holds a small library of christian and interfaith books, reading materials, liturgies and prayer guides and we stock the District and Connexional Prayer Guides for sale.   Please ask our volunteers if you are interested.

Photocopying Service

We have a colour copier/printer in the Resources Room which does everything but make a cup of tea - or so it seems! We can cater for any one-off or repeat copying/printing jobs in black or colour, up to A3 in size, single or double-sided. Our volunteers will then staple and fold them for you, ready to collect.

Meeting Spaces

We have two rooms which are suitable for meetings. The 'Library' will hold small meetings up to around 6 people, and the 'Blue room' will comfortably hold 20 or so people. Please book in advance.


Touchstone is staffed by a mix of people, ordained and lay, paid and unpaid, working in a highly collaborative team style. Our volunteers are a valued and committed group of people who offer us half a day a week on a regular basis. They are key to the smooth running of the Touchstone Centre. They provide a welcome for callers and visitors, staff the resources room and library and assist with routine administration. Often the first voice you hear on the phone will be a volunteer.

There is also a counsellor available on Tuesdays by appointment.

Christian and Other-Faith Organisations

Touchstone is regulalrly used by statutory and voluntary organisations and as a contact point for churches and other faith groups, who in turn use us as a signpost to other organisations.

More information

For more information about anything on this page, please contact our Volunteers on 01274 721626 or why not visit us in person and pop in for a chat and a cuppa?